I created my own emoji

During my trip to Oklahoma back in March I returned home with a 3 month old Catahoula puppy. His name is Remus and he has been a joy to have around. Now he is about four months old soon to be five in May. The Catahoula breed has a unique look to them. I was lately inspired by Remus when working on a recent piece.

Emojis have become popular in pop culture. People use them for a way of expression. I noticed while going though my Apple emoji keyboard that the cat emoji had several expressions while the dog only had one. I got to thinking that the dog emoji should be able to include other expressions. As I continued to think, I then thought it would be neat for dog owners to have emoji’s that looked similar to their dogs. That’s where Remus came in . I then used my dog as a source of inspiration to create my own set of emoji’s based on him. Below is the set of Emoji’s that I created:

While creating this concept I stayed similar to the original style of the dog emoji. Yet I also made sure that it was also uniquely its own. I used many reference photos of Remus when creating this. The color scheme was color matched with colors from photos of him. This emoji reflects several characteristics that Remus has. Such as his speckled nose or uniquely colored eye. Instead of leaving it at just one basic face, I decided to create several other expressions. I’m thrilled with the final results. These would be pretty cool to have on my Apple emoji keyboard.

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