Publication Design

For this project I was given the task to redesign the Guinness Book of World Records. I decided to use bright and bold colors to help bring a more exciting look and feel within the book. I chose to make the layout of this book have a modern feel to it.

Style Guide

For this style guide spread recreated a logo for the clothing brand called Rock & Republic. This part of the spread shows off the logo design. As well as what the inside of the spread would look like.

Corporate Communications

With this project we were to create an annual report for a company of our choosing. I chose a nonprofit organization called Two Write Love On Her Arms. I went with a modern feel for this design while integrating the organizations colors throughout the spread. The butterfly is a motif for hope which coincides with the nonprofits message.

Package Design

In this project I had to create my own soda. We were required to branding and logo identity for it. I decided to make a soda with a name that would stand out. The purple is a motif to the nightshade flower which the name of the soda is based off of.

Infographic Design

I was given the topic of cyberbullying vs. bullying to convey within an infographic. I decided to use bright colors and bold graphics to help capture a mood with this piece. Each side takes you through the statistics of bullying and cyberbullying.

Advertisement Design

In this project I created a mock tour. The advertisement would contain a poster for each band, as well as show the overall tour dates for each band. One of the posters is for a more local venue. Where as the other two are more focused on the whole tour. I also included a billboard design to include within this campaign.