Coming back to who we are as artists

When I first came across this poem in Rupi Kaur’s book ” Milk and Honey”, this poem really spoke to me. Especially with being out of college for six months now. Having all this freedom as a designer is something that I’m still not used to. In college we were taught the rules of graphic design. We are taught what to follow and do. We were also taught to break rules and think out side the box. I find these thoughts to be conflicting at times. Perhaps that is why that when I try to create art for myself I find it difficult to not critique it and want to scarp it. For worry that it wont hold up to the standards of what I was taught.

Rupi Kaur’s poem speaks about the fact that it does not matter how many people like your art. The poem addresses the fact that its important for your heart and soul to like your work. Its about how honest as you are as an artist. Stating that you shouldn’t trade honesty for relatability. Now as a graphic designer when working with clients, sometimes we have to put the personal aspect of our work aside to create what the client desires. I can’t always go and put myself into every concept I design. This goes against what the poem is stating. This poem spoke to me for a different reason other then graphic design. To me this poem was a reminder that aside from being a designer I am still an artist. An artist can create through whatever medium they choose to. It sparked the feeling that maybe I needed to sit down as just an artist and create art without worrying about the guidelines. Before I started college I used to do photography. I would take photographs and create art with them through digital media. I was able to express myself through my art. I was able to be honest with my art. This poem reminded me of those times. So maybe its not such a bad thing to come back to who we were as artists before. Perhaps we all just need a reminder in some shape or form.

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