What do you need to make room for ?

This morning I was sitting and enjoying a cup of tea when the spine of the 2018 issue of IKEA Magazine caught my eye. On the spine it read ” Make room for _______________” and it got me thinking. My first thought was that since it was a furniture magazine that it was a great play on words. Then I really got to thinking. This is actually a really clever concept that IKEA had rolled out for this magazine. For example If one would see these words on a simple billboard with out any logo from a company , I could guess that several thoughts would pop into a person’s mind. One can find a deeper meaning in this simple little phrase. Thats the great thing about design concepts like this because it is well relatable back to the person that sees examples like this. People like design concepts that are personable and relatable in a way.

I can definitely say that when I saw the phrase that I reflected on several aspects in my life in which I could stand to make room for.  Adventure was the first thing that came to mind. I think that I could stand to get outside more. Take time to spend a day hiking and reflect on life from a quiet perspective. Maybe even take a road trip with some of my friends and in doing so form a deeper connection with them. Art was the second thing that popped in mind. I previously wrote my first blog entry on here about this very subject. I need to take time to sit down and create art for myself every once and a while. Remembering to create for myself is always a good reminder. New Possibilities was the third thought that came to mind. It is important to remember to put yourself out there. You never know what opportunities are right around the corner. If you don’t take a chance then you may miss out.  I think every one can stand to make room for something or another in one’s life.  I find it intriguing how a spine from a simple furniture magazine was able to spark so many thoughts.

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